Welcome to Allambee House!

We are a non-profit Board Game Haven nestled in heart of Woodlands (Singapore) for youths in the community.

In Australian Aboriginal language, Allambee means “a quiet resting place”. That is the goal of our Board Game Haven.

We hope to become a gathering place for youths in the community of Woodlands to bond and build relationships over board games.

We have a wide selection of interesting games from different genres, ranging from party games to euro-style strategy games.

Our guests are invited to choose a game to play on one of our three gaming locations:
1) THE ARENA: Our 7’x10′ carpeted Gaming mat complete with cushion,
2) COZY CORNER: A cozy carpeted nook comfy enough for 2-3 players games, and
3) TABLETOP: Our 8-seater wooden gaming table.

On occassional days, mostly cold ones, we serve coffee or tea to complete your hyggeligt experience.

You are invited to come and join one of our board gaming sessions. So bring along a friend, and have enjoy the good times over a game or two!